Barely Touching

by The Merry Jaynz

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The basis for this song goes way back to the 90s.

Not a love song, but kind of a cosmic biography.

Upon finally recording it in 2020, a whole new section happened and It sprouted new saxophone and harmonica parts!

I recorded it with the guitar and bass tuned lower in the hopes that I could more easily sing the high notes (always a challenge).

Anyway, I still couldn’t sing it and digitally tuned all the instruments lower still, then sang it, then changed everything that was digitally down-tuned back up to natural tuning to finish it.

That’s why the vocals have that slightly "chipmunk" tone.


She was just barely touching this physical world
Just enough for her to see me
Hardly any baggage, hardly any cares
Still she could not get herself free
She was afraid, afraid of turning solid
Afraid of getting trapped, trapped in the maze
But she went ahead and she played the game
She said, I’ll never forget the way it feels
To be me in my own way
Then she started learning, learning all the rules
Just like the rest, the rest of the slaves
Then she forgot it all by the very next day
Like a cork in a bottle, like a bull in the eye
You will become the things you fight
Every single time, every single time
No matter how hard you try
She was just barely touching this physical world


released September 22, 2020


all rights reserved



The Merry Jaynz Knoxville, Tennessee

Susan Jane Smith: bass. Tom Smith: guitars/vocals/harmonicas. The Merry Jaynz is a Tennessee purveyor of Underground Swamp Rock, a real live rock band and a recording entity.
They have been accused of reminding people of Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Cream and other show-offs from the 60s and 70s.
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