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Why do we do what we do?

Lots of people are looking for healing of some kind: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Whether it is an illness, or a feeling of loss, or lack of connection, or depression, overwhelm, hopelessness - it is really widespread in these recent and trying times.

There have always been people looking for healing or relief from these things but, during my lifetime, there seems to have been a big increase.

This has been the basis for my decades-long ambition to bring healing through music.

Of course, technology has improved life in lots of ways, but has also impacted us in ways we never expected. Despite the practically infinite potential for connectivity, technology has somehow also left many of us feeling isolated and empty.

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For us musicians, the digital revolution has had huge effects both positive and negative. Online streaming services have almost killed off the once-mighty recording industry’s business model. They’ve been forced to focus their dwindling resources on a smaller number of disposable pop artists they know for sure will bring a return on investment. For this reason, having a goal of getting a record contract is not only unrealistic, but actually getting such a deal almost certainly spells the end of a career in music. A new artist recording contract with a major label is basically a large loan from an unregulated bank that owns your property.

On the other hand, technology handed to the ambitious modern musician opportunities and advantages never before imaginable. We can make a great sounding record at home for next-to-nothing and use the internet to find a global audience for that music. The challenge is that many millions of us are going about that task at the same time and the difficulty is finding a way to stand out and get noticed without the benefit of a huge, well-funded  promotion and marketing team.

What about music lovers? I personally know very few people who are content to just listen to what the record companies are pushing out over commercial radio lately. Anyway, most people are streaming their music now and buying it less and less often. Yet, there are lots of independent, unsigned bands and artists who are earning the money it takes to enjoy a successful and sustainable career and support their families, too.

How are they doing that in a world where music is free everywhere you go? Their fans could easily just stream that artist’s music for free, but for some reason, they choose instead to support that artist. The reason? CONNECTION. The artist has taken the time to form relationships with their fans in a way no mass-marketed pop star could ever possibly do. The music these indie artists are producing reflects that connection, and the fans respond with support. And it is no small matter that the fans know their support isn’t contributing to the multi-million-dollar salary of some record company CEO.

Prior to recording technology, music and musicians were often way more than just entertainment. They were usually central components of their local communities. They gave a unique voice to the emotions, hopes, fears, and joy of the people in their locale, and even served as repositories for local traditions, cultural history, knowledge and even spiritual beliefs - sometimes doing all of this covertly when under the oppression of tyrannical rulers. Back then, musicians filled a need for connection and cultural continuity nothing else could really do.

In modern times, that community has become much more global in nature due to technology. But since technology has also tended to degrade and devalue music by making it a commodity for profit and marketing it to a lowest common denominator, the communal needs it used to meet now go un-met. That may help explain why so many feel a need for healing in their lives that medical technology and expensive therapies can’t provide.

We believe in the healing power of music and we intend to help fill the all-important communal needs music once filled.

What are we doing?

We are about to release a new CD, Love One Another, but we have a much bigger vision for making more and better music on a full-time basis and devoting more time to the people that like and support our music. It could be a feedback loop!

We see a future where we are able to travel to your town and do shows without having to worry about being back in the cubicle on Monday morning, or worrying how we’re going to feed the kids or pay the electric bill.

We see ourselves bringing people together with music, voicing their hopes and dreams, their feelings of love and loss, even their fears - and making it all a part of something bigger, something that can help overcome the lack of connection at the root of so many of the problems of modern life.

We want to rock your face off so bad that you’ll be happy to support us. It just wouldn’t be right otherwise.

You know, we played a LOT of small local shows. As fun as they were to play, there was no way the income from that effort was ever going to pay the bills and allow us to live our vision. But every single time we put together a charity show for free to benefit a friend in need or support a worthy cause in the community, the people and the money and the love just came flooding in! The money raised for charity was usually eight to twelve TIMES our usual payday for a local show. This blew our minds - and that kind of energy has to be a part of our vision too.

Rescuing Health

We talk about healing a lot, and we have a great track record with raising finds for good causes. So we are tying our crowdfunding to a local Knoxville non-profit organization called Rescuing Health. 10% of everything we receive above our goal will go directly to Rescuing Health. They have built a new way to allow people to crowdfund the health needs of people for whom our current healthcare system has proven inadequate or un-affordable. We love the way they are going about this challenge and we love that they are not content to complain about a system that's broken - they are making changes proactively and o the local level. You can find out more about them by clicking on their logo right here:


How are we going to do all this?

Well….that’s why the crowdfunding project. We need your support to get this vision going and now is the time.

Go to our rewards page, choose a reward and pledge to the campaign.

We’re doing the whole thing ourselves on our own website. There is no make-or-break point, no all-or-nothing aspect to it that some crowdfunding platforms impose.

You pick your reward and make your pledge. We get your donation directly and commit to sending out your chosen rewards and releasing the best CD we possibly can.

Lots of folks we know just can’t afford any amount right now but, even then, sharing this project with others will help us immensely.

Thanks for your time and attention - and thanks for helping us get our music and our vision out there!

-The Merry Jaynz