Touch the Cow. Do it Now. THE VIDEO!

We’ve raised kids. We’ve seen children’s books…

…we’ve spent our fair share of time in the kid’s section of Barnes and Nobles or Borders or Books-a-Million with a toddler or two.

So, when I first saw this slideshow video that was going around Facebook I was rolling on the floor laughing. It was just photos of pages from kid’s books, but really bizarre ones. Also, out of context, they seemed even more scandalous. I knew I had to write a song about it.And so I did.

I totally stole the stolen images of the kids books’ pages.and made my own slide show to go along with the resulting recording. It was all done, music and video, in two days.

I was sent the original slide show on Facebook from a friend of ours, and immediately replied to her that I was going to make a music video. Before the weekend was out, I sent her this:

Touch the Cow – THE VIDEO!!

I haven’t released the song because it’s lyrics are all copyrighted material from a bunch of different children’s book authors. But the music, of course is original.

Not every project is life-or-death, super-serious. I love creating, period! The rewards are phenomenal – and when other folks tell us they like it that just blows our minds. So here’s this from us to you. Cheers!

Peace and Love,

Tom and Susan