What is a “Bespoke Song”?

Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification.

It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser. So says Wikipedia…

Within the first week of finishing Air Force basic training and arriving at my tech school in Denver, I got two new roommates in the barracks.

They had gone through boot camp together and more or less knew each other. So, since they were new, and since alcohol was expressly forbidden in the barracks, I got them drunk. And we all became great friends.

Then they wanted to go to the mess hall. I told them I was just going to practice on my guitar (purchase number one on day number one after boot camp). Well, one of them had been reading a Penthouse magazine article and said, “Mannnnnn….I bet you can’t turn this article into a song before we get back from dinner.”

Ha ha ha. It was done with twenty minutes to spare! It was perfect and remained a staple and an oft-requested crowdpleaser for years after.

It was a filthy song full of deviancies best not repeated in this politically correct era. But it was exactly on target.

That was my first Bespoke Song.

Sometimes folks want to give a custom-written song to someone else as a gift. Other times, a custom-written song is ordered for a specific event, like weddings, memorials, corporate or church functions. There is no end to reasons why a custom-written song might be called for.

These are called Bespoke Songs.

You may have heard one of our songs and thought to yourself, “Mannnn!!!! If I were going to get a custom tune recorded to go along with my plans for an over-the-top marriage proposal for the object of my ardour, the apple of my eye, ear, nose and throat, I would want it to sound exactly like this!”

Or you may have a song idea, but no musical ability, and you thought to yourself, “Mannnn!!!! If I were going to ever record this song idea that haunts me 24 hours a day 7 days a week like a horrifically persistent cloud of gnats, I’d want it to go something like this Merry Jaynz song Tom sent me.”

Or you are producing a major feature film, or even a homemade 3-minute YouTube video, and you know you’ll get JUST the right vibe by adding some music or even a custom-written song. And you thought, “Y’know….mannnnnnn….that Tom Smith has just the approach and touch to nail this song to the wall and make my production tower above the rest.”

AND THEN you thought, “I wonder if Tom actually has the time, resources, equipment, ability and willingness to even consider doing this custom-written song for me…maaaaaannnnnnn – he probably won’t do it…”

How could you think that!!!???


I do custom-written songs. Bespoke songs.

You know what the music I put out sounds like, but you might not know that what I choose to produce and release for The Merry Jaynz is just a small slice of the overall music pie I ate way too much of (and which caused me to have an afternoon coffee which will definitely make me really “typey” at the keyboard and keep me awake all night).

Any idea you have can be developed with as much or as little up-front detail as you want or as much or as little input and influence that you want.

So, if you’ve been thinking along these lines, just reply and let me know what’s up!




  1. Hey dude, I was wondering if I could interview you about creating bespoke songs. I run a music blog, and I think it would be an interesting talk. My name’s Dave.

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